The Last Merlin

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I'm a scientist in "real life": I have an advanced degree in physics and work at a natural science research institut as IT specialist. I'm a Scifi-girl and for me it doesn't matter, if it's a book or a TV show or a movie, especially when the story deals with political or social content. Besides that, I still work one night per week as a >projectionist at a movie theater and at as many Film Festivals as I can take during my my time off. I love dancing, scuba-diving and my Chinchillas :-)

My favored Sci-fi & Horror shows & movies: Battlestar Galactica (the new series), Heroes, The 4400, DS9, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Hidden, Terminator, Aliens, Blade Runner, Supernova, Supernatural and much more...

My favored Sci-fi & Horror books & authors: Barbara Hambly, John E. Stith , Michael Marshall Smith, Anne MacCaffrey, Kim Harrison, Kit Whitfield, Wolfgang Hohlbein, Andreas Eschbach, George R. R. Martin, Charlaine Harris, Steven King, Patricia Briggs

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