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01 July 2011 @ 09:41 am
Microchilla: my new, extrem little Chinchilla baby :-)  
Microchilla was born on June 13th 2011 and so little, that I feared for it's life. I've never seen a chinchilla baby that small in my entire life. It's weight was between 20-30 gram only ;-)
But it's parents accepted it, took care of it and showed it their love in their very own "chinchillan" way :-)


But last week it became sick, but after visiting the animal hospital it seem to get better and it's weight increase around 2 gram each day :-) That sounds very little for us, but was a lot for something so small.

2 days ago I had to bring Microchilla (and for it's comfort it's mum) back to the hospital, it started loosing weight again. Because of it's cuteness, everyone was in love with it on the first sight :-) Lucky us, the doctors and nurses could help the little chinchilla baby, so since yesterday evening Microchilla and it's mum are back to her husband Spock and a happy chinchilla family again :-)

Let's keep our fingers crossed for the little cutie!

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